an a/b/o supernatural game set in boston. our gpsl primarily takes place in the night market, next to the famous faneuil hall, where vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches meet and mingle. an area beyond the barriers separating the supernatural world from the humans who are only vaguely aware of their existence.

April 2021



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By day, they may be your teachers, your Uber drivers, your accountants, but by night, when they step through the doors of the Night Market, they are revealed for the faeries, werewolves, vampires and witches they truly are. Welcome to the Night Market - an a/b/o gpsl where the supernatural and human worlds meet and collide.

Apr. 19th, 2031

PREMISE By day, they may be your teachers, your Uber drivers, your accountants, but by night, when they step through the doors of the Night Market, they are revealed for the faeries, werewolves, vampires and witches they truly are.

Welcome to the Night Market, a secret corner of Boston where supernatural beings can be themselves away from the prying eyes of mundane society. No one knows where the Night Market lies and you won't find it on any map. It can only be accessed through a select number of entrances, all of them hidden well and open only to supernatural beings… and the odd human who may wander in accidentally.

Some of the denizens of the Night Market run businesses. Others have formed supernaturals-only sports teams. Others still prefer to meet and discuss territory, settle disputes, or trade knowledge. The Night Market is a mostly-peaceful place, where the good of the many mostly trumps the interests of the one. But there is also a city beyond the boundaries of the Night Market and a whole world beyond that, and what happens without may, sooner or later, end up trickling within.

NIGHT MARKET is an a/b/o supernatural game set in Boston. It takes place primarily in the Night Market, but the setting should be considered openworld. Characters may be vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, or plain old humans, although the latter are not permitted in the Night Market without some IC justification.
OOC RULES NIGHT MARKET is a supernatural gpsl with a/b/o dynamics and mpreg. All characters and members must be over 18.

Male, female, non-binary and transgender characters are all welcome here.

After the first adds, this will be an invite-only gpsl, meaning you will need to be invited by an existing member to join or apply to fill for a character role on our Wanted page.

Same roleplaying rules as usual apply in this gpsl. Don't be a jerk!

Character journals must be IC, meaning some form of your character's first and last name or nickname.

You do not need a Discord to join as all writing will be done in our IC and Network journals. Please post an IC intro to start and introduce yourself and your character in the OOC journal as well.

FAQ What is the Night Market?
The Night Market should be considered a hub within the context of the game. Events will take place here. Characters may work, mingle, or even live here. They can come and go as they please, as the Market is hidden from mundanes but never winks out of existence. Interactions are also encouraged outside the Market.

Are humans aware of supernatural beings?
No. Revealing the hidden world of supernaturals to a mundane human is prohibited. Individuals may out themselves if they wish, but they are forbidden from bringing mundanes into the Night Market. Those who do so will face condemnation and punishment. This is not to say it has never happened before or won't happen again.

Can my character have a job outside the Night Market?
Yes. Characters can have any profession and come from any and all walks of life. If they are supernatural, they will have learned of the Night Market and they are able to step through the wards to enter its confines. They can participate in businesses there, but they are welcome and encouraged to lead a 'mundane' life, as well.

Can my character have a job inside the Night Market?
Yes. Players are encouraged to write a little blurb for any business they wish their character to run, own, or be employed by. The Night Market is a collaborative project ICly, so let's make its layout a collaborative project OOCly as well.

How does A/B/O stuff work in this context?
All supernatural creatures fall within one of these three categories, which are determined when they reach the age of sixteen (for those who age) and upon turning (for those who don't or who have already hit the age of sixteen when becoming a supernatural creature). Any species can be of any rank.

Mundane humans do not have a rank unless they suffer repeated exposure to the Night Market's wards. Its magic will alter them in subtle ways until they manifest a specific rank, provided they are over the age of sixteen. The rank in question depends on the player.

Is it possible to alter one's A/B/O rank?
Yes, with the use of a potion. Witches in the Night Market can assist those who wish to alter their rank, for a fee or out of the goodness of their heart. The experience is uneventful for some, uncomfortable for others. Similarly, supernatural society is not a monolith and reactions to transrank individuals may vary widely. Transrank individuals enjoy all the attributes of a cisrank individual.
OMEGAVERSE BASICS The Omegaverse or A/B/O is an AU following the hierarchy of wolves. There are three A/B/O types or dynamics in this gpsl: alpha, beta and omega.

Alphas are very protective of what's theirs and can be highly aggressive. Both male and female alphas have the knot, a bundle of muscles that expand when the alpha is close to climaxing and is pushed into their partner to lock themselves into them. Female alphas cannot become pregnant. Alphas go into ruts, a time when the alpha is highly aggressive and dominant.

Omegas go into heats, a time when their arousal is through the roof, and their most prolific time. It's also the time when they're most vulnerable. Heats occur once a month and can last up to one week. They do not have to be in heat to become pregnant, it's just that during the heat their chances are much higher. Female omegas anatomy is the same as female betas. All omega have slick, a sweet self-lubrication when they are aroused, regardless whether or not they are in heat. All omegas can birth naturally. Male omegas have a uterus and a cloaca (think koala females.) Pregnancies in this game last 3 months real-time.

Male betas can sire with omegas of any gender but they do not have the knot. Female betas can become pregnant.

As far as body types, there are no set rules and looks have nothing to do with the A/B/O dynamics. There are lanky, skinny alphas and male omegas with masculine frames/bodies. Think of the dynamics as personality types.

All three dynamics have scent glands, located in the wrists and junctures of the neck between the shoulder. Everyone's scent is different and also serves as a way of expressing one's distress, anger and arousal. When an omega is pregnant, their scent is stronger and has a sort of milky cream smell, giving away their pregnancy easily.

Marking is where one partner, regardless of their dynamic, bites into the scent gland. Marking is like engagement, where a mated pair essentially mix their scents. Marking is a way for partners to show they are taken.

There are heat and rut suppressant potions, that omegas and alphas can take to reduce the intensity of a heat or a rut or stop them entirely. There are also birth control potions to prevent unwanted pregnancies, as well as the morning after potions.

There are alpha/alpha and omega/omega pairings, and no harassment or discrimination is allowed in the Night Market (although some may still frown upon such relationships in private).
MYTHIC APP MYTHIC is a social and dating app our characters use to communicate with others from the Night Market.

The content could come from popular and famous editors, business owners, friends, and visitors to the Night Market, all meant to create connections between supernatural brethren and help them stay in touch with each other even outside of the Night Market! The app is encrypted and built in such a way that it works everywhere, at any time.

Be a part of discussions on current topics and learn about the hottest Night Market trends. Meet others and be a part of the network. Browse the feed to see what’s happening in the Night Market today. Privacy is at the heart of Mythic – it’s designed by the supernatural community, for the supernatural community, built with privacy front and center.